General Contracting
Wilkrist Buildings Inc. is licensed in both Georgia and South Carolina as a General Contractor.

Requirements for Licensure
Both states require General Contractors to pass a 7 hour test on Contracting Law, Procedures, Materials, Shipping & Handling, Site Development, Safety and OSHA Standards.

Soil & Erosion Control
Wilkrist is also certified in the State of Georgia for Soils & Erosion Control. This certification is renewed every 2 years.

Residential & Light Commercial
Our licensing for both states is tiered starting with Single Family Residential then stepping up to Residential and Light Commercial, and finally to General Contractor which has the most stringent requirements but also allows the widest latitude of projects that we can undertake.  We are licensed to do parking deck garages, multiple story building, steel, wood, tilt-up, post-tensioned concrete, masonry, and type of “building” construction.